Crystal Chakra Healing Ritual

September 23, 2019

Find a quiet moment and a comfortable place to lie down. Turn your phone on silent. stream calming music although silence is equally powerful. Do whatever you need to do to unwind. Drink plenty of water before and after.

Take your crystal chakra set and roll them in the palms of your hands to activate them. Place each stone on its color matched chakra going from the root chakra all the way up to the crown. (see the chakra chart below) Breath deeply and imagine the crystals  radiating into the area it is touching. With each breath you take imagine the color growing more and more into a vibrant rainbow. Feel the rainbow radiating out and filling the whole room will shimmering light. Breath this rainbow in and feel it  rushing through your veins energizing every cell in your body. Sit like this for a few minutes until your intuition tells you that you are done. Remove the crystals in the opposite order unplugging your energy from each crystal and saying thank you to each crystal. You are healed you and whole!

Please note chakra chart above is from the book 'Crystals, the modern guide to crystal healing by Yulia Van Doren @goldirocks

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