Valentines Day Gift Set Includes (1) Reignite Desire Gem Bead Bracelet (1) 3" Cleansing sage Bundle and (1) 2" Raw Garnet Stone

Gift Set for Her includes:
(1) Reignite Desire Gem Bead Bracelet
(1) 3" Cleansing sage Bundle
(1) 2" Raw Garnet Round Stone

Feel empowered in the bedroom with the Ignite Desire gift set. This set was created to help give your sex drive that extra boost. Harness the Ignite Desire properties to release old negative patterns, increase self esteem and connect with your partner in a deep and loving way. Let these crystals open up your sacral chakra and allow unconditional love and connection to flow through


Passion • Joy • Energizing

Garnet is a powerfully energizing and regenerating stone. If you're lacking in energy, it could be energy blockages within the body keeping you from your natural state of joy and vitality. Connect with a Garnet crystal to reinvigorate your spirit with passion, happiness and energy flow. One area in which it can reignite passion and joy is within the realm of physical love (sex!) and the relationship between loving partners. You can use garnet stones to attract or reinvigorate a current romantic relationship. Connected with the base or root chakra, Garnet helps you to feel grounded, secure and safe. It alleviates feelings of fear, worry or panic and is a powerful protective stone

Make a crystal commitment! Use your stone as a reminder to do one thing that ignites your passion for 11 days straight. Hold your stone and say to yourself, I am Passionate and full of energy.


This handmade bracelet is made with 8mm genuine crystals composed of Leopard Jasper, Red Tigers Eye, Garnet, Clear Quartz and Copper. It is strung on non-fray, latex-free, stretch cording, and the knot is hidden.

Garnet will quickly "light a fire" under you bringing joy and hope, helping to lessen anger especially toward oneself. Powerful garnet can cleanse chakras of all negativity. Use garnet to balance to balance the sacral chakra and sex drive. Garnet inspires love, passion and devotion. A stone of commitment, garnet is a useful aid in both personal and professional relationships.

Red Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating stone and ignites sex drive, confidence, self esteem and personal power. Use Red Tiger's eye with black Jasper, a root chakra stone (included in this bracelet), to ground sexual energy into the physical world. Red Tigers Eye can also help resolve sexual issues that are causing problems in a relationship.

Red Leopard Jasper - Brings strength, vitality and stability to those who may be experiencing chaotic energies. Facilitates self-healing. Attracts certain circumstances and people that are conducive to one's own personal growth. In general, Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer" It sustains and supports during times of stress and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper reminds people to help each other. A great energy to introduce into the bedroom

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier that will support the intention you are trying to achieve physically, mentally and spiritually. It also will remove any negativity or blockages that are standing in the way of achieving your desires.

Copper is a healing metal that enhances the energy of crystals. As one of the most effective energy conductors, it can take the Spark Passion Bracelet properties to the next level. A grounding stone, copper helps the user to ground energy into the physical body and protect the aura.

Affirmation: I am passionate and loving.

Place your bracelets on your left wrist to receive their energy. Say your intention out loud three times.
Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals on your wrist, bring your intention to mind.

With each purchase you will receive a card with the above information to go along with the beaded bracelet. Your purchase will arrive in one of our gauze drawstring bags ready for gift giving or for a special treat for yourself.


All of our beaded bracelets are strung on durable elastic for the perfect fit and they come in 3 sizes.
-small size fits a child's wrist that is usually 5.5-6", ages 6-15, or if you have a very small wrist.
-medium size is a one size fits most and fits a wrist size that measures 6-6.5". It is my most popular size and fits both women and men. Especially if men want a tighter fit where the beaded bracelet does not move around.
-large size fits a wrist size that measures 7-7.5". Usually men with large hands and or large wrists select this size.

To determine your bracelets size, measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure (you can use a string and measure it) just above your wrist bone where you typically would wear a watch.

The Ignite Desire Bracelet is made with 8mm beads on elastic. Due to the nature of crystals, all the beads will vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern. Your Bracelet will be made with positive intentions, cleansed with sound and charged prior to packaging.


Each stone has been cleansed with sound and Reiki infused. It comes packaged in a pretty white gauze bag with an information card. Makes a great gift! We will be more than happy to send you extra pictures so you are 100% sure of your choice

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