The Story of Freedom Rocks

Hi Everyone, my name is Danielle and I am the crystal curator behind Freedom Rocks. Aside from crystals being beautiful display pieces for the home -they have the added benefit of healing properties. It’s not necessarily that the stones themselves have magical powers. It more about the intention you put into it. If for example you have a beautiful Rose Quartz tower by your nightstand, which is said to be the stone of unconditional love (for the self and others), then whenever you gaze upon it you will be reminded of that intention to connect with yourself and your partner in a deeper and more meaningful way. That’s how I see it. ....

How did I get into crystals? I started using them more for their healing properties when I had sever post partum depression, insomnia and anxiety with the birth of my second child and they really helped me! Since then I have kept a large Celestite Geode, Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz point by my nightstand. I travel with them where ever, they are like my teddy bears and I treasure them.

So as a mother of two kids and one business (check out my other baby Collective Hand), you may ask why in the heck fire would I start another business? The first answer is that I believe in the healing power of crystals and the second is I recognized a real lack of shops that carry crystals in my area, the Jersey Shore. When I would visit local shops that sell crystals I noticed how high prices are and I thought about starting a local crystal shop that offers crystals at more affordable prices. My goal is to make crystals accessible to ALL people. Everyone should have access to the healing powers of crystals!

A (another) note about me.I really value hard work, grit with grace (admittedly sometimes there is no grace lol) and dedication. l believe that’s the only way. I currently reside in Asbury Park, with my two kids, husband and our Bearded Dragon Lenny.

<3 Danielle

My logo was created by the talented and sweet Marielle Mauer check out her work and if you need any design or branding for your business she is definitely your girl