A Letter Letter, to your Zodiac Sign, by Heidi Rose Robbins

 A Love Letter is a love letter for your zodiacal sign. This book is written to remind you of your many gifts. They are written to be a loving mirror so any page can wake you up to who you truly are. You can open these books when we wish to remember your beauty, worth, or our great potential. You will not only learn astrology, but you will learn about your soulful self and how to grow into the best version of each astrological sign.


Read cover to cover, or flip to any page and be reminded to enjoy the beauty, and gifts of you.

A beautiful gift to give yourself or your loved one. 

Consider purchasing a trilogy of you- you Sun sign, your Rising sign and your Moon sign!

Not sure what your Rising and Moon signs are? 

Ascendant (Rising Sign)

Moon Sign