Crystal Rimmed Mirror

Add a touch of mysticism, healing and elegance to your home. Handmade, one of a kind, and in limited quantity. Grab one of these beauties for yourself or as a gift.

Mirrors rimmed in malachite, azurite, amethyst, calcites, tourmaline, celestite, and pyrite.

What is calling to you?! 

7in round rimmed in Celestite has 10in chain and measures 17in top to bottom.

10in round mirrors have 5in of spacing between chain and mirror, and measure 15inches top to bottom.

12in round mirrors have 6in of space between chain and mirror, and measure 16inches from top to bottom.

18in Rectangle rimmed mirrors have 4unches of space between mirror and chain, and measure 22in long from top to bottom x 11inches wide.

ONE OF A KIND. Pictures are samples. When you purchase a mirror, you are receiving a mirror similar to the picture, it may not be that exact mirror.