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Elite Shungite Noble Shungite Stone EFM Protection Water Purification Healing Stone Gemstones For Root Chakra Reiki

Elite Shungite Noble Shungite Stone EFM Protection Water Purification Healing Stone Gemstones For Root Chakra Reiki

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This listing is based on weight in Grams of small Elite noble Shungite Stones

Choose from the following Options:
5-15 GRAMS (~.5 Ounce)
15-30 GRAMS (~1 Ounce)
50 GRAMS (~1.8 Ounces)
100 GRAMS (3.5 Ounces)
300 GRAMS (10.5 Ounces)
500 GRAMS (17.6 Ounces)

ORIGIN: Russia


Purification Digital Detox Grounding

Shungite Stone is definitely a must-have crystal for all of us who are hopelessly attached to our digital devices. Shungite has been around for an estimated 2 billion years, but it wasnt until the 1996 Nobel Prize winning research that discovered the antioxidant fullerenes within the stone, that people began to wake up to shungites healing potential. Fullerenes, which are specific molecular formations of carbon that act as powerful, long-lasting antioxidants. While the antioxidant properties of shungite may have only been discovered in the 90s, shungite has long been touted as the Miracle Stone of the 21st Century. Exclusively found in a remote area of Russia, called Karelia, shungite has been used by locals as a water purifier for centuries. The springs which run over the stone have functioned as a natural spa since the time of Peter the Great.

By balancing your root chakra, it grounds you and helps you feel stable and secure in your physical and energetic foundation, providing a general sense of well being. Shungite offers the best defense to the EMFs cast off by tech devices. Instead of going off the grid, keep a shungite pyramid near you and your devices to reduce your exposure to EMFs and free radicals . The stabilizing essence of shungite is perfect for those who need to get re-centered on a daily basis. When you get in touch with your core energy, it transports your focus from the chaos in your mind, to the goals and aspirations that drive your passion.

Prior to working with shungite, its very important that you rinse it under water and place it outside in the Sun for two to four hours. This will clear and recharge its energy.

If youre drawn toward shungite, thats a sign you need to clear up your energy field. Place Shungite near any piece of digital technology. You can also create an elixir by placing shungite in water. Create an intention around it and shungite will help flush your body, mind and spirit of anything negative or toxic. When you hold the stone say to yourself 'I am healed, energized and protected.'


Elite shungite stones have a silvery shining and they contain up to 98 % of carbon. Its deposits are very scarce in comparison with other types of shungite. Elite shungite is used for water purification and taking shungite baths. Elite shungite is also extensively used in natural medicine and spiritual healing. Elite shungite absorbs and holds up to 95% of polluting elements including heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, radon and harmful microorganisms. The amount of organic chemicals and man-made substances in elite shungite water is close to zero. Elite shungite water is even more effective than regular shungite water. Due to the fact that elite shungite water stones have more carbon (up to 98%), elite shungite water is filled with healing energy that will keep you balanced and healthy. Thanks to elite shungite stones unique properties, elite shungite water has a powerful energetic field that will keep your body and soul in harmony.
Russian scientists have proved that elite shungite water is a good remedy against the whole plethora of diseases. Thus, if you have skin related diseases or chronic respiratory disease and digesting problems, elite shungite water is just what you need.

How to make Elite Shungite Water:
Carefully wash elite shungite stones before using them to get rid of any dust and dirt. In order to prepare elite shungite water use 100 grams of elite stones per one liter of water. Infuse for 2-3 days and drink it fresh. Change or recharge elite shungite stones in the sunlight once in 3 months.
To prepare a shungite bath with elite stone you need around 300 grams (100 grams per 50 liters) of elite shungite stones. Let the shungite infuse into the water for an hour and then take a bath for 25-30 minutes.

Chakra: Root

Astrological Sign: Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio

Vibrates to the Number 4

Each stone comes packaged in a pretty white gauze bag with information card. We will be more than happy to send you extra pictures so you are 100% sure of your choice

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