Ethically Sourced Linen Eye Pillows filled with Crystal Chips, Lavender Aromatherapy and Flax / Heat or Chill for Ultimate Relaxation

Freedom Rocks handmade eye pillow made out of super soft ethically sourced linen. Each eye pillow weighs 14 ounces and measures 5” wide by 9” long

Choose from two styles:
1) A purple linen eye pillow which contains amethyst polished chips, lavender and flax
2) Pink linen eye pillow which contains Rose Quartz chips, lavender and flax.

These weighted eye pillows provide the perfect acupressure on the eyes and face to relieve stress, headaches and tension. Heat in the microwave in 15 second increments until the ideal temperature is reached. Try laying it on your hands before placing it on the face to make sure it isn’t too hot. For headache relief, chill in freezer for 1-2 hours in a sealable plastic bag making sure to keep the eye pillow dry. The eye pillow scent will last at least two years if it is kept in a sealable plastic bag when not in use. Spot clean only with a wet cloth in order to clean.

Along with the lavender aromatherapy and the healing crystals inside these pillows are the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.

Intuition • Relaxation • Clarity

Amethyst is one of the most spiritually relaxing stones in the crystal kingdom.It is the perfect stone to keep in the bedroom, if the problem you’re struggling with most, is anxiety or getting a restful night’s sleep. Amethyst also holds the energy you need to tap into your intuition. By activating the third eye chakra, the Amethyst crystal meaning allows you to connect to and trust your inner knowing, guiding you toward the choices that you know are right for you. With a clear mind and strong sense of intuition, Amethyst empowers you to make even the toughest decisions with confidence.

Rose Quartz:
Unconditional Love • Happiness • Passion

Since the time of Greek myths, Rose Quartz has had a reputation for being the stone of unconditional love. Cupid, Roman God of Desire and Affection, was said to have bestowed Rose Quartz stones upon the Earth as a gift of love, passion and happiness for all. It purifies and opens the heart and brings deep inner healing and self love. If you ever thought yourself unlovable Rose Quartz teaches you how to love yourself.You cannot receive love from others nor give lo ve unless you love yourself. By unblocking any energy blockages in the heart Rose Quartz will help raise your self esteem, restore confidence and balance emotions. Rose quartz is also said to increase fertility.

Each eye pillow comes with an information card explaining how to use and care does the eye pillow along with the meaning of the stones contained inside.