Evil Eye and Kabbalah Red String Amulet for the Home

Height: 3 Inches (7cm); Width: 3 Inches (7cm) ; Depth: .5 Inch

The evil eye is a tradition over 5,000 years old. It is found throughout all major religions and countless cultures. It is believed that the eye protects its owners from evil spirits, the jealousy and ‘ill will’ of others by peering back at them in their spirit realm. It is worn as a protective talisman, and can be placed upon the home, car and alter
The evil eye hangs upon a kabbalah red string or חוט אדם in Hebrew and is made in Israel. The red string, which can also be worn as a bracelet, was consecrated at Rachel’s tomb in Bethlehem along with a special rite and has taken place for centuries in Israel. It is believed to protect its owner from the evil eye, envy and other surrounding negative energies. If you do decide to wear it as an amulet make sure to wear it on the left hand, which is considered to be the “receiver hand.” Any negative energy will pass through the left hand and be absorbed and dissolved by the red string.

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