Freedom Rocks Aromatherapy Crystal Eye Pillows

Delight your senses with these handmade Freedom Rocks Eye pillows! 

The crystals that adorn these eye pillows are hand sewn with copper wire adding beauty and grounding energy to the body. Each eye pillow measures 9"x4" and comfortably rests on the face. The weight of the pillow is a combination of genuine crystal chips, organic  Lavender and flax. They are hand sewn by a local Asbury Park resident with love. 

We offer them filled with 5 differed crystals. Choose from:

1) AMETHYST aids in intuition, relaxation clarity  headache relief 

2) LAPIS LAZULI aids in inner trust, wisdom, extracting negativity and headache relief 

3) LABRADORITE aids in uplifting heavy moods, inspiring passion, sparking intuition

4) ROSE QUARTZ aids in self love and compassion, forgiveness, balancing emotions, lifting sadness and heart break.

5) BLACK OBSIDIAN aids in  grounding, clearing and removing negative energies in the body and releasing emotions/reactions that cause negative energy such as anger, jealousy, greed, resentment.