Handmade Suncatcher with 12” crystal chain and Pendant

This listing is for one Handmade Freedom Rocks crystal suncatcher and is about 12” in length. Every suncatcher comes with a high quality 1.5” clear glass crystal prism which hangs off a crystal chain adorned with a large gem. Included with the suncatcher is a small hook perfect for hanging from the ceiling.

Choose from 9 Types of stones:
1) Amethyst
2) Blue Lace Agate
3) Chrysoprase
4) Garnet
5) Rainbow Moonstone
6) Turquoise
7) Labradorite
8) Carnelian and Green Aventurine
9) Labradorite and Garnet

How to use it:
Drill a small hole in the ceiling and twist in the small hook that is included. The suncatcher is suspended by a small ring at the top. Hang the suncatcher wherever direct light can hit it! The prism breaks the light into the most spectacular rainbow display you can imagine and turns your home into a kaleidoscope of color. It’s truly mesmerizing. Add to that the energy of stones and you have an infusion of good energy and good vibes as well!
This makes a great gift and stocking stuffer.