High Quality Natural Sodalite Tower/ Stone Tower/ Intuition/ Clear Mind

This listing is for (1) high quality sodalite polished tower. The photos in this listing are only examples of the stone you will receive. We will be happy to send you pictures of what we have in stock so you can choose. Feel free to send us a message. All the stones are beautiful and high quality
Size is about 3-4” tall

Communication • Intuition• Trust

An excellent stone for the mind, Sodalite helps eliminate mental confusion so you can see the full perspective in any given situation. It stimulates your pineal gland so you can get more in touch with your intuition. With a clear mind, you can receive information from the higher self guiding you towards more positive actions. Sodalite is an excellent stone to use in group discussions and healing circles. It provides a sense of solidarity, harmony and ease of communication in a group setting. A stone of companionship, it helps to express one’s true feelings therefore encouraging self trust, self acceptance and trust in others and true connection. If you find that the words keep getting stuck in your throat and have trouble expressing your true Self, you may be experiencing a block in your throat chakra. Work with sodalite to clear your fifth chakra so that you can speak your truth. Speak from your heart instead of your head. Great for creative blocks as well!

Meditating with sodalite helps to open up your third eye and tap into your intuition. With this expanded understanding of who you truly are, you can more fully express yourself. Place your stone in the dining room or kitchen - wherever people gather in your home, to inspire harmonious and loving group conversations.