Leo Crystal Bundle

Leo Zodiac Bundle
(Leo Season July 23- August 22)
This bundle was created with care to cater specifically to Leos! Each stone contributes to helping a Leo be their best, truest self on a daily basis.

Bumblebee Jasper
Bumblee Jasper helps one maintain a positive outlook on life, and an appreciation for community. This stone promotes
joy in all things, and helps alleviate stress.

Red Jasper
Red Jasper is a highly grounding and protective stone. This is a great stone to stabilize the root chakra, and has many shamanic qualities.

Citrine brings the sunshine with it, and is a great stone for promoting joyfulness. Citrine brings abundance in all forms, and is a great stone for setting goals.

Sunstone is a great stone for uplifting one’s mood,and banishing depression. Sunstone was worn by vikings as a talisman to bring in guiding energy on long voyages.

Pyrite is a stone of abundance, and a great deflector of negative energy. Working with pyrite can help one come into their highest form of power.

Palo Santo Wood
Palo Santo Wood has a beautiful scent, and can be used to smudge your stones.