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Mercury Retrograde Crystal Bundle

Mercury Retrograde Crystal Bundle

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Mercury Retrograde Crystal Bundle
This listing is for (1) Mercury Retrograde Crystal Bundle containing one each of: green calcite, fluorite, hematite, blue lace agate, smokey quartz, selenite wand, & palo santo stick.
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Mercury Retrograde can be a time of miscommunication, tense energy, and confusion on all fronts. Use this crystal bundle to help alleviate tension, and refocus your energy in a positive way!

Helps to ease tension, and avoid engagement in arguments. Fluorite is a great stone to facilitate mental clarity & stress relief. Use fluorite while meditating to help relax & clear your mind.

An excellent grounding stone, hematite will help you manifest success in your efforts. Place hematite by your feet or spine to ground your energy

Blue Lace Agate
A stone to aid with peaceful communication. Blue lace agate can help you communicate from a place of understanding rather than anger or frustration.

Green Calcite
A great stone for mental fortitude & memory. Green calcite helps release negativity & energy blockages. This stone will promote positive growth.

Smokey Quartz
A great stone for dissipating negativity, and promoting positive, production action.
To use your crystals, cleanse with palo santo and set your intention for a peaceful & focused retrograde!


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