Rainbow Chakra Healing Set

 This Chakra Set includes: (1) Quartz Point (1) Amethyst Point (1) Lapis Lazuri Tumblestone (1) Emerald (1) Orange Calcite (1) Carnelian (1) Tourmaline and (1) Palo Santo Stick for clearing


Our bodies are powered by a vibrant rainbow colored energy system known as the chakras. From the ancient Sanskrit, meaning wheal, the chakras was first written about 4000 ago by holy monks in India. We use our chakras to both draw in and expand energy.  A well working system is vital to how healthy you feel physically mentally and emotionally. How well you are able to function in your day to day is a reflection on your chakra energy system. Crystals are an easy to use tool to clear and recharge your chakra system. You have seven main chakras each associated with a specific color and energy focus. They are  the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras Read here for a detailed Chakra Cleansing Ritual.

(1) Root Chakra, Mantra 'I am'  Located at the base of your spine, your first or root chakra vibrate red. Its the center of family and tribal (community) identity and relates to safety and security issues, as well as issues with the legs and feet

Tourmaline: Protection + Grounding + Protection

(2) Sacral Chakra, Mantra 'I Create' Your second chakra vibrates orange and sits at the belly button. Itsw the source of prosperity, personal power and creativity.Digestive, lower back, abdominal and sexual organ issues are often related to the sacral chakra.

Carnelian: Energy + Confidence + Creativity + Vitality + Passion

(3) Solar Plexus, Mantra 'I share' Your third chakra vibrates yellow. Located right below your sternum, its related to self esteem and boundaries. Physical issues are usually related to the lower part of the mid back, as well as the pancreas and urinary system

Citrine: Energy + Goal Setting + Abundance + Luck + Creativity + Joy

(4) Heart, Mantra 'I love' Your fourth chakra is located in the center of your chest and vibrates green. Its related to compassion kindness, unconditional love and forgiveness. Physical issues may include ribs, lungs and heart.

Emerald: Abundance + Luck + Health + Protection + Love + Fertility

(5) Throat, Mantra 'I speak' Your fifth chakra vibrates blue and is located above your adam's apple. Its related to speaking your truth and surrendering personal will to divine guidance. Physical issues include thyroid, throat and mouth.

Lapis Lazuri: Transformation + Honesty + Self Awareness + Mysticism +Trust

(6) Third Eye, Mantra 'I see' Your sixth chakra located in the center of your forehead vibrates indigo and corresponds to intuition and intellect. Physical issues include eyes, ears, head and brain.

Amethyst: Intution + Relaxation + Clarity + Transformation + Sleep + Addiction Release 

(7) Crown, Mantra 'I know' Located at the top of your head, the seventh chakra vibrates white and corresponds to your higher self and Divinity. Systemic issues and musculoskeletal issues are related to the crown chakra

Clear Quartz: Clarity + Manifestation + Illumination 


 Please note chakra chart is from the book 'Crystals, the modern guide to crystal healing by Yulia Van Doren @goldirocks