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Raw Azurite Malachite

Raw Azurite Malachite

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GORGEOUS Azurite Specimens from Peru. Don't miss out on the chance to grab some of these while supplies last! Each stone is about 3-4 inches and weighs about 5-8 ounces. Each stone will varies in size, shape and color.

Focus • Wisdom • Mental Expansion

A rarer stone Azurite is a blue and green marbled mineral, that is composed of two copper carbonate minerals, azurite and malachite. Azurite was ground and used as a pigment in blue paint and make up as early as ancient Egypt. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it was the most important blue pigment used in Europe. Azurite tempers the mind; it releases stress and confusion, and alleviates worry, indecision, and thoughts that linger in the back of the consciousness. To restore balance and control over emotions and reactions, simply hold the crystal and ask to have the troublesome thoughts evaporate.



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