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Wildflower Sage Bundles with crystals bound by dyed cloth

Wildflower Sage Bundles with crystals bound by dyed cloth

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Handmade Ceremonial sage bundles with dried wild flowers and
healing crystals.

Available in two sizes small 4 sage bundle or large 8 bundle.
Choose from rose quartz or amethyst in each size. Large size has an additional 5 selenite wand attached.

Rose Quartz
Unconditional Love Happiness Passion

Since the time of Greek myths, Rose Quartz has had a reputation for being the stone of unconditional love. Cupid, Roman God of Desire and Affection, was said to have bestowed Rose Quartz stones upon the Earth as a gift of love, passion and happiness for all. It purifies and opens the heart and brings deep inner healing and self love. Rose quartz encourages you to forgive and helps you release and let go of anger, resentment and jealousy.

Intuition Relaxation Clarity

Amethyst is one of the most spiritually relaxing stones in the crystal kingdom.It is the perfect stone to keep in the bedroom, if the problem youre struggling with most, is anxiety or getting a restful nights sleep. Amethyst also holds the energy you need to tap into your intuition. By activating the third eye chakra, the Amethyst crystal meaning allows you to connect to and trust your inner knowing, guiding you toward the choices that you know are right for you.

Since ancient times and across the globe sage has been used to clear negative energy . Called the sacred herb the act of burning sage is called smudging. Sage is used for calming and grounding, spiritual purifying, crystal energy cleansing, warding off negative emotions, spirits and unwanted energy in a space. When your thoughts are taking a negative turn light some sage to get grounded and change perspective. Sage also kills all kinds of microbial in the air, a definite plus!

These bundles are great housewarming gift to smudge a new space or to use when yup feel a heavy energy within or around you that needs to be cleared.

Each sage bundle has been Reiki infused. It comes packaged safely and securely with an information card. Makes a great gift! We will be more than happy to send you extra pictures so you are 100% sure of your choice

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