The Story of Freedom Rocks

I guess I have to back track a little bit more and really start from the beginning. How did I get into crystals? I started using them for their healing abilities in 2018 when I had severe post partum depression, insomnia and anxiety with the birth of my second child. It was so bad I was willing to try anything. I will never forget purchasing my first stone, a 3 pound celestite geode, which until this day I still sleep with everynight. From there everything started feeling better for me. The more stones I added to my collection the better I felt and I became obsessed.

When I moved to New Jersey in 2018 from Brooklyn the first thing I did was google "local crystal shops" and  I was surprised to discover that there really weren't many! I recognized that there is a niche that I could fill. I thought about selling crystal at local markets, since at that time no one was, and that's where it all started. My goal was and still is to offer healing crystals at affordable pricing. Everyone should have access to the healing powers of crystals!

In time, crystal started taking over my entire house and I realized it was time to look for a space to rent. In October of 2020, I opened my first storefront in Asbury Park. In May of 2022 we moved into a space that is double the size of my first shop and in August of 2022 we signed a lease for a 5,500 square foot warehouse to expand into wholesale. I am known to have the best prices for stones in New Jersey. I travel the country to all the big gem shows and I have made great connections to suppliers all over the world. In addition to selling crystals I also have a team of fabulous women helping me produce Freedom Rocks branded merchandise including essential oil roller blends, candles, jewelry and much more.

Balancing  being a mother of two with my work life isn't easy but I do the best I can every day. Freedom Rocks isn't only a retail shop it is a community hub where everyone is welcome. We offer events, aura photography, reiki, readings and special events and workshops.

I thank my lucky starts that I get to do work that I love every damn day. 

<3 Danielle

My logo was created by the talented and sweet Marielle Mauer check out her work and if you need any design or branding for your business she is definitely your girl