Jessica Pivarnick

Jessica is a certified Somastery Therapeutics facilitator, certified Reiki Master, licensed esthetician and massage therapist, and psychic-medium. She has studied a wide range of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic modalities and intuitively combines them in her services. She is also studying herbalism and is in the process of creating a line of handmade herbal products. 

Jessica is passionate about working with angels/higher dimensional beings, spirit guides, plant spirits, animal spirits, ancestors, passed loved ones, the inner child, the highest self, and more; and loves utilizing spiritual and quantum healing techniques.

She is fascinated by both science and spirituality, and considers herself to be an eternal student in both of these realms.

Her mission is to help you find fulfillment, spread peace, and radiate love—through your own wholeness. 

“As within, so without.”



Tarot: Experience this classic form of divination. Tarot cards are used as a tangible source of connection for guidance and insights from a source of divine intelligence and higher dimensional beings.

Mediumship: Witness the connection of loved ones who have passed and their ability to communicate with us. This service includes a reading as well as a guided experience in connecting directly to your own loved ones.

Intuition Development: Explore and expand your various “psychic” senses—especially clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom to receive guidance and insights and connect to a higher power.

Somatic Processing: Hands off service. Includes a channeled guided meditation, guided somatic release, nervous system regulation, subconscious repatterning, and quantum healing techniques. This modality is incredible for bringing awareness to your mind-body connection, and shedding weight that you have accumulated from past traumas and/or emotional suppression.

Body work: Fully clothed, hands on treatment. May include acupressure, reflexology, craniosacral techniques, sound therapy, or face, scalp, foot, or hand massage. Service performed by a licensed massage therapist.

Energy work: Hands on or hands off treatment for energy clearing and balancing. May include reiki, spiritual healing, chakra balancing, or shamanic techniques.

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