Phyllis Mitchell


If you want direction, I use tarot cards to give guidance. 

If you want connection, I relay messages from spirit. 

If you want exploration, I teach and share experiences interactively related to intuition.


 I have been fascinated with psychic and medium abilities all through my life. My grandmother read tarot cards and tea leaves. This made an impression on me. My high school dream was to look into the future. I eventually made that dream a reality.

Having always been read by psychics and mediums, they told me I had great intuition. However, I chose a profession in accounting. Years later I took a class on reading tarot cards and my natural ability presented itself.

For the past several years I have been reading tarot cards as one way to help people solve issues, guide them on their path and yes – look into the future.

 I have also discovered my ability to connect with spirits that have passed. Love allows them to live on. They give me messages for their loved ones and validations of their life when they were in the physical world.  

I teach classes and give workshops to share my intuitive abilities. I help others to explore and expand theirs. It is so very rewarding to see their growth. 

I have written a book, Believe - Do You? about my God given gift that has evolved. To learn more about it and purchase your copy, click here!

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