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16 Oz Gardenia Dream Soy Candle in a Aura Glass Jar

16 Oz Gardenia Dream Soy Candle in a Aura Glass Jar

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This gorgeous candle was inspired by our favorite flower..THE GARDENIA. The heavenly scent combination of Gardenia, Jasmine, Lavender and a hint of Chamomile is like walking through a floral garden in full bloom in the height of spring on a sunny day.

Green (serpentine + peridot) Pink (rose and strawberry quartz) and Orange (citrine) crystals adorn this candle to enhance the beauty as well as the scent of this candle. Think colorful floral garden! We created this candle with spring and Mothers day in mind but the scent is so beautiful it will do well all year round! We love this candle and so will your customers!

Gardenia Dream has an especially long Burn time of approximately 75-80 hours, so it will last for a while. When the candle is done burning reuse the jar for home decor, a planter or vase!

Size if the Jar: 4" Height by 3.75" Diameter

This candle is non toxic and hand poured with love and intention by a team of lovely women in Asbury Park, NJ.


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