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Chakra Essential Oil Infused with Herbs and Crystals

Chakra Essential Oil Infused with Herbs and Crystals

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Freedom Rocks has thoughtfully put together a beautiful collection of high vibrational Chakra Aromatherapy Essential Oil Rollers. These adorable rollerballs are infused with crystal energy and perfect as on-the-go stress tamers!

They are made by infusing grape-seed oil with the perfect amount of aromatic therapeutic-grade essential oils to create deeply moisturizing, fragrant body elixirs suitable for all skin types.

Roll oil onto your wrist, neck, and pressure points as needed throughout the day.

Contains 0.34 fl. oz / 10ml each

1st Chakra -
Root Chakra/ Ground Down

2nd Chakra -
Sacral Chakra/ Sacral Shine

3rd Chakra -
Solar Plexus/ Solar Sparkle

4th Chakra -
Heart Chakra/ Heart Opener

5th Chakra -
Throat Chakra/ Expression

6th Chakra -
Third Eye/ Intuition

7th Chakra -
Crown Chakra Consciousness

*As always, test a small area of skin whenever trying a new product.

Made in the United States


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