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Copper Nuggets

Copper Nuggets

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Copper is associated with the planet Venus and the zodiac signs Taurus, Sagittarius and Libra.
As a root chakra stone it is great for grounding and connecting us to the electromagnetic field of the earth and helps release feelings of anger resentment and grief
If you are a person that runs cold like me (you know what they say cold hands warm heart ) copper helps to increase circulation in the body and keep the hands warm especially in winter time, as it is a conductor of energy!
Copper has a TON of physical health benefits as well: Copper is the third most abundant trace mineral that can be found in the human body. The liver and the human brain contain the largest amount of copper. People need approximately 3 milligrams of copper each day in their diets. Copper can be used in the treatment of skin diseases and wounds. It can also be helpful with internal diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, anemia, and rheumatoid arthritis. Copper can help improve blood circulation, to increase overall physical energy, and to detoxify the body. It can also be used to ease joint stiffness and the discomforts of arthritis by opening the flow of blocked energies.

Our copper nuggets measure 1/2 inch long, and are 1/4 inch wide, and they are solid. They feel so good in your hand.

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