Emerald Polished Tumble Stone / Luck / Health / Abundance

This listing for ONE polished emerald tumble stone


Abundance. Luck. Health. Protection.

Emerald has shone through the ages across different cultures and mythologies. The jewish high priest wore it on his breast plate when he entered the holy of holies. The ancient Egyptians used emerald magic for everything from youthfulness and healthy childbirth to protection in the afterlife. Rightly so, emerald can manifest huge gifts of magnetic good fortune, abundance and health. The birthstone for May and zodiac sign of taurus, it’s a crystal of springtime and fertility and vitality. Extremely protective this is a good stone to take on the road with you as it has been used as a talisman for safe travel throughout history. Emerald assists in recovery from illness. Emerald assists in recovery from illness and provides support during chronic conditions, It is know to help detoxify the liver