Focus Crystal Set

For yourself, or as a gift for someone you love. Choose this bundle created with intention to help build your immune system. Each bundle has been put together intuitively with love. The crystals come packaged in a gauze bag with a Palo Santo stick, for clearing and cleansing, a Freedom Rocks 3” x 3” sticker and an information packet explaining the meaning of the stones.

This listing is for one bundle for Focus.

In its simplest form, crystals are grounding tool that helps us to reconnect with ourselves. Holding crystals or placing them on your body promotes healing. Keep your crystals in the palm of your hand in a pouch or your pocket when you’re feeling stressed, rub the stones to help bring yourself back to the mindset you want to be in.. Read below for for a description of each bundle.



When you’re feeling foggy or off-balance, work with crystals for balance and focus to find stability, alignment and heightened concentration. Use the grounding and centering energy of balance crystals or clear your mind with crystals for enhancing your mental power.

Lapis Lazuli 


Your spirit may be drawn toward a Lapis Lazuli stone if you are seeking awareness of the soul and your spiritual purpose in life. This stone helps you tap into your inner wisdom to uncover your authentic truth. Filled with the awareness and wisdom this stone brings, you begin to realize that you already have all the answers you seek within.



With the mystical energy of Labradorite Tumbled Stone sparks of neon will illuminate the path to your destiny. It is said to be a stone of magic and curiosity that helps you tap into a higher state of consciousness. Connect with it to become more self-aware and explore the expanded states of the universe.



An excellent stone for the mind, Sodalite helps eliminate mental confusion so you can see the full perspective in any given situation. It stimulates your pineal gland so you can get more in touch with your intuition. With a clear mind, you can receive information from the higher self guiding you towards more positive actions. 

Smokey Quartz

Protection • Grounding • Letting go

Smokey Quartz is one of the most grounding and stabilizing stones. Working with the root chakra, smoky quartz will help you remain calm, focused and balanced in any situation. Smokey Quartz teaches you how to let go of things that no longer serve you so you can create positive change in your life and move forward.  Referred to as a “mood elevator stone” it provides protection against negative emotions by absorbing and dissolving it. It gives you the strength to overcome feelings of stress, fear, anger, jealousy, depression and anxiety. Smokey Quartz aids in the acceptance of the physical body and sexual nature enhancing virility and cleansing the base chakra so passion can flow freely.



 If your spirit needs illumination, clear quartz brings clarity to matters you are seeking. Its ability to be programmed for manifestation is unlike any other stone. It will help you manifest your intentions with crystal clarity like never before.