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Freedom Rocks Crystal Adorned 14 Ounce Scented Soy Candle

Freedom Rocks Crystal Adorned 14 Ounce Scented Soy Candle

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Light up your shelves with a beautiful rainbow display of Freedom Rocks Crystal adorned soy candles! Gratitude Rocks - Rutilated Quartz and Obsidian Honoring Joy and Emotional Balance Scent: Vanilla - Musk - Amber Rose Quartz Honoring Self Love Sea salt - orchid - Jasmine Red Calcite Honoring Passion and Confidence Scent: Cedar - Citrus Citrine (yellow) honoring happiness positivity abundance Scent: Lemongrass - sage - citrus Emerald, Peridot and Smokey Quartz (green) Honoring Nature and Healing Scent: Chamomile - Cedar Lapis Lazuli (Blue) Honoring Communication and Intution Scent: Mahogany - cedar - oak Amethyst (purple) honoring intuition relaxation clarity Scent: Lavender - chamomile - honeydew melon Freedom Rocks Candles are free of harmful chemicals, Vegan and non-toxic The wax used in the candles is 100% natural soy wax When the candle burns out wash the crystals and reuse them! Added bonus....each of our candles smells amazing with a 70- 90 hour burn time.


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