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High Quality Rainbow Flourite Point 6 Faceted Reiki Healing Crystal All Natural Stone

High Quality Rainbow Flourite Point 6 Faceted Reiki Healing Crystal All Natural Stone

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This listing is for one High quality Rainbow Fluorite tower

Choose from various size options:
1) 4-6 oz
2) 6-8 oz
3) 8-10 oz
3) 10-15 oz

Feel free to reach out and request pictures of all the towers available so you can choose the perfect one!

Fluorite Crystal Meaning:
Anxiety Relief Positivity Focus

Referred to as the Genius stone, fluorite helps organize information and is an excellent learning aid. It organizes and processes information linking what is known to what is being learned. It promotes quick thinking by increasing concentration so you can absorb new information. Named after the Latin word for flow, many people keep fluorite stones in every room of their house to ensure there is always a flow of positive energy. Fluorite stones are said to absorb and neutralize all types of physical, mental or emotional negative energies bringing order to chaos. It nourishes the body assisting one to attain the ultimate state of physical health and well being. A powerful healing tool to fight infections and disorders, it has been used to combat viral and bacterial infections and tumors in the beginning stages. It benefits teeth, cells, and bones and repairs DNA Damage.

Carry your stone with you. Look at it throughout the day and remind yourself that you can be at peace. Place it in every room of your house as it increases the flow of positive energy and brings harmony in relationships.

Vibrates to the number 7 and 9

Astrological sign - Capricorn and Pisces

AFFIRMATION: My connection to my higher self keeps me calm and focused.

Each stone has been cleansed with sound and Reiki infused for the highest and greatest good of the user. It comes packaged safely and with so much care and includes an information card explaining the crystal meaning. Makes a great gift! We will be more than happy to send you extra pictures so you are 100% sure of your choice

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