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Palo Santo and Rose Uplift and Awaken Room Spray - 4 Oz

Palo Santo and Rose Uplift and Awaken Room Spray - 4 Oz

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Created with intention by using organic and wildcrafted essential oils, these aromatherapy sprays are ideal for the body, linen, meditation, and personal spaces. This rose and palo santo room spray is a magical bright, woody, and warm floral blend of palo santo and rose.

* Rose is one of my most treasured oils and one that I covet over all other floral oils for its emotionally supportive properties and ability to instill happiness and contentment. You simply cannot smell a rose without a smile!

Palo Santo helps clear your space of negative energy. Use Palo Santo's uplifting properties to raise your vibration before meditation – by keeping energies grounded and pure.

Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Absolute Rose, Palo Santo Amethyst, and Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal

How to use:
Shake very well before each use.
*Tip: While shaking, set your intentions before you spray!

Handmade by women in small batches in the town by the Sea, Asbury Park, NJ.


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