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Set of 7 Freedom Rocks Spell Candles Combo Set

Set of 7 Freedom Rocks Spell Candles Combo Set

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Try a combo set of our potent Spell candles! Each set includes a Love, Manifestation, Prosperity, Creativity, Passion, Protection and Intuition spell candle for a total of 7 spell candles! Spell candles have been used for centuries to channel our intentions and manifest desires. *Our 7 Inch long fragrance-free taper candles are made out of Paraffin wax and burns for 7 hours. Each of our spell candles include a label with the ingredients on the front and an affirmation/spell on the back. Not only are our candles potent tools for manifestation and spell work but they also professional and aesthetically pleasing. How to use our spell candles: Step 1: Choose Your Intention Step 2: Prepare Your Sacred Space Step 3: Ignite the Candle Step 4: Maintain Focus and Gratitude Step 5: Safely Extinguish and Release Your customers will love our spell candles and will keep coming back for more!


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