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Trans Rights Are Human Rights 14 oz Hand Poured Soy Candle

Trans Rights Are Human Rights 14 oz Hand Poured Soy Candle

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Introducing our new Trans Rights Soy Candle, designed to promote awareness and support for the transgender community. This candle is made from 100% natural soy wax, ensuring a clean and sustainable burn for up to 80 hours.

The Trans Rights Soy Candle features a beautiful rainbow design of pink, blue and white, symbolizing the diversity and inclusivity of the transgender community. The candle is scented with a playful and sweet scent of strawberry, raspberry, luscious peach and apple, while base notes of vanilla, and a hint of light musk keep this ultra sweet scent grounded.

This candle is perfect for anyone who wants to make a positive impact and show their support for transgender rights. It also makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for friends and loved ones who identify as transgender or are allies of the community. Light up the Trans Rights Soy Candle and join us in spreading love, acceptance, and equality for all.

How to care for your candle:

  • Trim the wick to 1/4 inch every time before you light the candle. This will help to prevent the flame from getting too high
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended

  • If the candle begins to smoke, extinguish it and trim the wick before relighting

  • Once the candle is finished, clean the jar with a damp cloth and reuse it for storage or decoration

Jar Measures 3" height by 3" diameter.

We hope this advice helps you enjoy your candle for a long time to come!

This candle is non toxic and hand poured with love and intention by a team of lovely women in Asbury Park, NJ


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