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Venus of Willendorf Fertility Goddess Beeswax Candle

Venus of Willendorf Fertility Goddess Beeswax Candle

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This listing is for a Fertility Goddess Beeswax Candle. This candle is based on the oldest fertility goddess statue in the world which was discovered about 25,000 years ago - The Venus of Willendorf. She was a deity of fertility and motherhood. This candle was made out of a custom mold that was 3D printed and exclusively offered by Freedom Rocks. The candle is 7 Tall 4 Wide and 3.5 deep and weighs 15 oz. We offer these candles various colors. They are beautiful to burn or as decor to display in your home or on your altar. They make great gifts! Colors may vary slightly with every candle. Not only do our all natural beeswax candles have a naturally sweet, intoxicating honey-like scent, they are great for the environment emitting negative ions! The most important benefit of negative ions is that they clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. Beeswax is an especially dense wax that has a longer burn time than most other waxes.


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